It is important for puppies to get the right start and although we are constantly reminded to socialise them as soon as they are home, we are restricted by the vaccination programme and its timings.

Having experienced the difficulties of not being able to take my dogs out at the early stages, and then the 5 minute per month walking restriction, it made sense to offer a puppy socialisation programme.

He or she will be regularly socialised, either while you are at home or when you are out. The dogs are allowed to have as much fun with each other and learn to play and share. I can also provide basic training tips and can help you to teach your dog essential recall techniques and basic safety.

Your pup will gain the social skills he or she requires to set them up for the future, as well as having fun along the way!

The more your dog learns to behave around other dogs; the more you will be able to relax and have stress free walks in the future.

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